Meet Maple

An adventurous young girl with a whimsical imagination and a collection of imaginary friends to prove it.

Meet Janis

An awkwardly large, imaginary llama with a sensitive soul. Timid and soft- spoken, Janis often joins Maple throughout her days to impart wisdom or share a cuddle.

As a teacher and parent, I am always looking for books with a powerful message. This book does not disappoint! It is a wonderful story with fun characters and a great message about beauty being beyond skin deep. It provides an easy way to open up a conversation about an important topic with your child. I would highly recommend it!


I had the pleasure of reading this book and I can say it was so well written. It's fun for adults to read with their children and keeps their interest. It tackles big concepts in a way that is exciting and digestible for our little ones. Highly recommend, plus the illustrations are so beautiful.


A Beautiful Friend gently invites kids and adults alike to question what Beauty truly is. Through one simple question and various relatable examples, the author Siera Taylor brings the answer and message home in the most "beautiful" way. I love and am so grateful that our children have the opportunity to learn this now. It's an amazing book and shining example of growth and hope for our world.